Athletes First

I have been in this sport almost my entire life,
and nobody has ever focused on what is best for the athlete…

—Billy Demong

Meet the Advisory Committee for Olympic Sports

Paul Smith’s College announces the formation of the college’s Advisory Committee for Olympic Sports, a select group of men and women with world-class athletic resumes whose experiences as Olympians will help guide the college’s Olympic sports initiative.

Joining the committee are:

  • Tim Burke, a Paul Smiths native and four-time Olympic biathlete.
  • Billy Demong from Vermontville, a Nordic combined gold and silver medalist.
  • Andrea Kilbourne-Hill of Saranac Lake, a 2002 women’s hockey silver medalist.
  • Chris Mazdzer, also of Saranac Lake, a silver medal-winning luger.
  • Andrew Weibrecht of Lake Placid, a two-time Olympic medalist in alpine skiing.

The five athletes represent a combined record of 17 Winter Olympic Games appearances and six medal wins.

Left to right: Tim Burke, Billy Demong, Andrea Kilbourne-Hill, Chris Mazder, Andrew Weibrecht